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Handibot v1.1 Specs

The Handibot® Smart Power Tool Developer Edition v1.1 is a new kind of portable, digitally-controlled power tool for cutting, drilling, carving, and many other machining operations– a first Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – or just, a Smart Tool. If you're familiar with industrial CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment, think of the Handibot tool as a portable version of CNC. But instead of taking material to a stationary machine, you bring the Handibot to your material -- your jobsite, your remodeling task, your project, your work.

You can put your Handibot to work on a table, the floor, the ceiling, the wall, wherever you need to precisely cut, drill, or carve. Well-suited for a broad spectrum of jobs from engraving circuit boards to cutting dimensional lumber and other construction materials, the Handibot can become your do-everything tool when working with non-ferrous metals, woods, plastics, and more.

Handibot® is a community-supported, open source development platform.

We are sharing design files and other development resources with the Handibot community and encourage contributors to use these resources to rip, remix, burn and share their version of Handibot and accessories. Use Handibot as a starting point or use it just how it is, fully assembled and ready for work.

We've included user-friendly CAD/CAM software for your PC or tablet running Windows. This software allows you to go from idea to tangible object with relative ease. We are currently developing a suite of job-specific, task-specific apps to make the Handibot even easier to use on multiple platforms and devices such as tablets and smartphones.

v1.1 Enhancements (shipping as of 3.12.2015)

New front panel designed for better tool access, backing plates for bearing blocks to improve tool alignment, and more compact limit switches for all three axes.

Software Included:

No computer degree is needed to run a Handibot! Each new Handibot® includes design software packages selected and bundled for project designing and tool-pathing. If you are primarily working in sheet goods, start with VCarvePro ShopBot Edition. If you are primarily working in solids or blocks, start with Fusion360. These two powerful software packages include CAD/CAM to take your ideas to project designs to tool-pathing. The ShopBot Control System software that runs your CNC is also included.

ShopBot Design packages are compatible with many software programs, including: • AutoCAD • Rhino 3D • SketchUp • ArtCAM • Vector Art 3D • Cabinet Vision • EnRoute • KCDw • MasterCAM • MillWizard • OneCNC • Shape 3D • Vector CAD CAM • Visualmill • CabinetParts Pro • DeskProto • eCabinet System


  • XYZ movement/cutting volume: 6” x 8” x 3.25” (152mm x 203mm x 89mm)
  • Linear bearings: Precision linear guides and blocks on each axis
  • Drive System: Motors with integral lead screw and anti-backlash nut on each axis
  • Resolution: 0.00025” (.00635mm)
  • Cut speed: up to 2 inches per second
  • Jog speed: up to 3 inches per second
  • Frame: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • DeWALT DWP 611 1.25 HP Variable Speed Compact Router (230V version: DeWALT D26200-GB 900W Variable Speed Compact Router)
  • Integrated dust collector with rear-mounted vacuum port. Requires vacuum and standard 1.25” vacuum hose with rigid, tapered end.
  • Removable front guard
  • Electrical system requirements: 120V @ 15Amps (International 230V @ 10Amps)
  • Footprint (with ExoFrame centered on base): 21” x 16” x 12.25” (533mm x 406mm x 317mm)
  • Footprint (with ExoFrame at Y-Axis travel limits): 21” x 22.25” x 12.25” (533mm x 565mm x 317mm)
  • Weight: 39.5 lbs. (18 Kg)
  • ShopBot Control System software to run your Handibot
  • Each new Handibot tool comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects


What’s in the box:

  • Handibot® Smart Power Tool v1.1
  • Printed Handibot® user manual
  • USB cable (A-to-B)
  • Shopbot USB drive with software
  • LMT Onsrud 37-61  ½”90 Degree V-bit, 61-040 1/8” O flute Straight-cut, and 52-287 ¼” 2 flute Up-cut
  • DeWALT DWP 611 router, user manual and collet wrench (230V version: DeWALT D26200-GB router, user manual and collet wrench)
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